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Computer Centre

The institute has extended comprehensive computer and internet access to all its faculty, students, research, and administrative staff through a Campus Wide Area Network. This network interconnects over 500 nodes within the institute, facilitated by a robust 1 Gbps bandwidth connectivity provided by the National Knowledge Network (NKN).

Engaged in cutting-edge data analysis, programming, and computer-assisted learning, the Computer Centre stands as a hub of technological innovation. Boasting two state-of-the-art computer labs dedicated to teaching, training, and student use, it ensures a conducive environment for skill development and academic pursuits.

Furthermore, the institute has developed intranet software solutions tailored to streamline processes such as salary management, pension administration, store management, and billing. Additionally, a Biometric Attendance Monitoring System has been seamlessly integrated into the institute's operations, providing accessible attendance tracking for both staff and students. Notably, NIHFW maintains its digital presence through its official website ( external link) and email facilities, facilitating effective communication and dissemination of information.

The Computer Centre assumes a pivotal role in managing the eOffice at NIHFW, leveraging cloud-enabled software developed by the National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY). This visionary initiative aims to foster a simplified, responsive, and transparent workflow across all government offices, contributing to enhanced efficiency and accountability.


Department Staff

 Ms. Nidhi Kesarwani, IAS
Dy. Director (Admin.)
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441  Ext-310
 Dr. J.P Shivdasani
Nodal Officer (Admin.)

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-310

Mr. Pankaj Gautam

Incharge & Programmer, Computer Centre
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441  Ext-231

Mr. Dinesh R.

Programmer, Computer Centre
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441  Ext-231
 Mr. Jagdish Sharma

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-158
Mrs. Sunita Malik

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-149
 Mr. Harsh Kumar

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-220
 Mr. Sandeep Kumar
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-220

Mrs. Radha


PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 Ext-149


Last Updated:21-02-2024