Information for Public under Right to Information Act ,2005


In terms of Section 4(1) (b) and 4(2) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 it is for the information of the general public that the National Institute of Health & Family Welfare (NIHFW),New Delhi is a society registered under the Societies Registration Welfare Act, 1860. NIHFW was established in the year 1977 by the merger of two national level institutions, viz. the NIHAE (National Institute of Health Administration & Education) and the NIFP (National Institute of Family Planning). This is an "Apex Technical Institute" as well as a "think tank" for the promotion of health and family welfare programmes in the country. The Institute operates through various disciplines ranging from Reproductive Biomedicine to Demography and Statistics, Epidemiology, Medical Care and Hospital Administration, Community Health Administration, Planning and Evaluation, Education and Training, Population Genetics and Human Development, Social Sciences, Management Sciences and Communication. In-service training of health personnel of various categories, promotion of inter-disciplinary research and establishment of institutional mechanisms for co-operation with health planners and managerial experts have been the major areas of focus and interest of the Institute.

Address for Communication:

The National Institute of Health and Family Weflare
Baba Gang Nath Marg,
Munirka, New Delhi - 110 067.
E-mail – info@nihfw.org
EPABX Telephone Numbers - 26165959, 26107773, 26166441 & 26109656

Frequently Asked Questions about the NIHFW.

Powers/Duties of various authorities

Governing Body

Link to Rule 15 to 21 of the Memorandum of Association of the Institute.

Financial power of various authorities (Rule 43 of BYE-LAWS)

Link to Bye-laws of the Institute


Director, NIHFW is the CEO of the Institute and is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the Institute. All the activities of the Institute viz. research, training, education, consultancy, specialised services etc. are carried out under his guidance and supervision. He is also the administrative and financial head of the Institute. As Member-Secretary of the Governing Body and Standing Finance Committee of the Institute, the Director is also responsible for organising the meeting of these bodies and maintaining records of the proceedings.

Dy. Director (Admn.)

To deal with all administrative and establishment matters concerning the Institute, recruitment, promotion, transfer, vigilance etc.
Financial and budgetary control of funds, etc.
Matters relating to the meeting of the Governing Body/Standing Finance Committee, etc.

Financial Powers of Dy.Director( Admin)


Professor is the Head of a Department. He/she is responsible for organising training programmes as well as conduct research and evaluation studies in the concerned discipline. HOD, as a member of the academic committee, advises the Director on various academic activities of the Institute.


To work as a member of the faculty of the Institute and assist in the development of his/her department with special emphasis on Family Welfare and Health Administration. Responsibilities include teaching, research, consultancy and advisory services etc.


Lecturers are the induction level in faculty and assist in the development of his/her department with special emphasis on Health and Family Welfare etc. Responsibilities include teaching, research etc.


Assist in carrying out research and evaluation studies and training programmes. They primarily work for:

a) Designing of schedules/questionnaire and pre-testing

b) Collection of primary and secondary data.

c) Analysis, preparation of coding plan and tabulation of data.

d) Preparation of draft research report

Besides, they assist in conducting MD(CHA)/Diploma in Health Administration examination, etc.

Sr. Documentation Officer

Sr. Documentation Officer is responsible for overall supervision of the Documentation Centre. The activities include bringing out bibliographical information service under the major disciplines of health and family welfare, repackaging of information to suit the various categories of personnel working in health and family welfare, computerisation of information, training in the area of information and documentation in the field of health and family welfare.


Development of software as per requirements
Electronic data processing of various research and evaluative studies
Assisting faculty and staff of the Institute in using standard software packages.
Maintenance of all computer hardware.
Assist the Director in other related technical aspects of computerisation.

CMO/SMO/Medical Officer

Medical Officer is required to attend patients in OPD clinic and perform various medial investigations both, routine and emergency. They are also required to undertake teaching/ training/research activities.

Accounts Officer

(1) To act as Drawing and Disbursing Officer.
(2) To maintain the books of accounts (i.e. Cashbook, ledger etc) and to prepare accounts of the Institute.
(3) To assist in conducting Audit of the Accounts of the Institute by Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Section Officer

a) Overall incharge of the section.
b) Provide guidance to the subordinates and supervise their work.

Workshop and Maintenance Officer

He is responsible for Civil work, Electrical work, Horticulture development work, cleaning and dusting, security and repair of vehicle, etc.

Hindi Officer

Vet translation done by translator.
To assist in implementation of Official Language Policy in the Institute.
To act as member-secretary of Official Language Implementation Committee of NIHFW.
To organise Hindi workshops for the staff of NIHFW from time to time.
To organise Hindi events as per government directives.

List of employees working in the NIHFW.

Categories of Documents and their Custodians.

Powers and duties of NIHFW's Officers and Employees.

Allocation of work among Officers.

Time duration in the disposal of applications.

Various Transfers and Office Orders.

Channel of Submission
Academic Department
  Ist/initiating Level Ist Level Supervisor IInd Level Supervisor
  R.A., ARO, RO Lecturer, Sr. Lecturer, Reader HOD Director
For Training Programme/Research Project
For Training Programme/Research Project
  Ist/initiating Level Ist Level Supervisor IInd Level Supervisor
  Faculty concerned/
Principal Investigator/
HOD Director
All proposals for Research Projects/Training are considered by the Technical Advisory Committee, Academic Committee and by the Programme Advisory Committee.
For Administrataive Sections
  (1) (2) (3) (4)
  Initiating Level
Assistant, Accountant,
JE (Civil) etc.
Sectional Head
Section Officer
Accounts Officer
Hindi Officer
Deputy Director

S.O./DD(A) may dispose off routine cases at their level.

Rules and Regulation

The functioning of the Institute is governed by its rules and Regulation and Bye Laws. The employees of the Institute are governed by Bye-laws of the NIHFW and in respect of matters not provided for in the Bye-laws, rules as applicable to Central Government servants regarding the general conditions of service, pay, allowances including travelling and daily allowances, leave salary, joining time, foreign service terms etc. and orders and decisions issued in this regard by the Central Government from time to time shall apply mutatis-mutandis to the employees of the Institute.

User Charges

Directory of the Institute

Institute’s Plan and Non-Plan Budget

Research Reports

Training Calendar

Details of Contracts signed by NIHFW.

First Appellate Authority in RTI cases

Dr. Ramchandra Rao Sathluri
Telephone No. 011-26165959,26166441 Extn.- 331
E-Mail:  srrao@nihfw.org

Public Information Officer

Dr. Sarita Gautam
Telephone No. 26165959, Extn. 384
E-Mail: saritagautam@nihfw.org,

Link Public Information Officer

Dr. Ramesh Chand
Telephone No. 26165959, Extn. 347
E-Mail: rameshthewinner@rediffmail.com,

Transparency Officer

Dr. Meerambika Mahapatro
Telephone No. 26165959, Extn. 234

L.D.C. - RTI cell

Shri Rahul
Telephone No. 26165959, Extn. 270

Annexure – I


User Charges
The rate of charges for different laboratory tests:

(From April 1, 2009)

  Name of Test Test Charges
Clinical Pathology:
  Haemogram Rs. 20.00
 E.S.R only Rs. 5.00
 Haemoglobin Free
 T.L.C only Rs. 5.00
 D.L.C only Rs. 5.00
 M.P Free
 Peripheral Smear Free
 Urine Alb, Sugar, M/E Free
 C.M Free
 P.C.T Free
 Ferning Free
 Urine Bile Salt/ Bile Pigment Rs.20.00
 Stool Free
  V.D.R.L Free
  Blood group- Rh.factor Free
  Pregnancy Test Rs.20.00
  Semen Analysis Free
  Semen Preparation for IUI Rs.30.00
  Sperm Morphology Rs.20.00
  AIH Free
  G.C.M Rs. 30.00
  Sperm mucus penetration Test Free
  Antisperm Antibody Test (H&W) Rs.125.00
Histopathology & Cytology :
  Endometrial Biopsy Rs.200.00
  FNAC- Test/ Breast Rs.200.00
  Pap’s Smear Free
  Sex Chromatin Rs.25.00
  Semen Biochemistry (ACP, Alpha-glucosidase,Fructose) Rs.65.00
Blood Biochemistry:
  L.F.T Rs.100.00
  Serum cholesterol Rs.25.00
  K.F.T/ R.F.T Rs.50.00
  Uric Aced Rs.25.00
  Blood Sugar(F/PP) Rs.50.00
  Blood Sugar (R) Rs.25.00
  GTT Rs.125.00
  Lipid Profile Rs.160.00
  FSH Rs.100.00
  LH Rs.100.00
  PRL Rs.100.00
  Insulin (ohr & 2hrs) Rs.400.00
  T.S.H Rs.60.00
  T-3 Rs.50.00
  T-4 Rs.50.00
  Testosterone Rs.60.00
  Progesterone Rs.60.00
  17 B Estradiol Rs.60.00
  L.F.T Rs.60.00